The Perfect Pointe Book

Hi Guys! This is the official blog for my fantastic new ballet book, "The Perfect Pointe Book"! The book is designed too teach you how to get strong enough for pointe work. It has tests to see where you are at, and exercises to help you get stronger in all the right places! Feel free to post any questions or comments you have, and update me on your progress!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How to do the splits - Flexibility DVD Preview!

Hi guys

How much do you want your flexibility goals?


How would it be if you could transform your body in a far shorter time than you ever thought possible?.... 

Now you can get a sneak preview of just how to do that!

So many people have been asking for a preview of the Front Splits Fast Flexibility DVDs that I have finally got around to making one! This is just a tiny taste test of some of the things we go through (there are lots more secrets inside!) and so that you can see our beautiful models :)

If you are dying to find out more, make sure you check out our site, with loads of free articles and videos and audios to really help you get where you want to go!

Talk Soon,





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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Wall Street Journal! Hi guys,

Well! Last week was a little interesting as I was actually featured in an article in the Wall Street Journal!

To read the full article Click Here.

Yes, I know that it is a little weird for a dance physio to get featured by a leading financial magazine, however it was all for a good cause.


Dance Education Workshops In Sydney! Hi Guys

Dance Education Workshops In Sydney! Hi GuysFINALLY! We are conducting our ever popular dance education workshops in my home town!

People have been asking me for months as to when they would be happening in Sydney, and we have organised a whole week in the upcoming school holidays.

Dont miss this unique opportunity to rapidly accellerate your knowledge of your body, and how to improve your dancing!

Simply Click Here for more information.


Dance Education Workshops In QLD - June 2008

After a fantastic weekend of workshops held in Canberra we are now gearing up for another round in Brisbane. These workshops will be held between Friday 13th June and Sunday 15th June 2008 at Pondera Physio and Pilates. 'Read more...' for more information.


Canberra Workshops May 2-4 2008

Hot on the heels of the Ballina Workshops I was asked to go down to Canberra to deliver some similar workshops to the students at Dance City, down in Canberra.

Sally and I had a fabulous time teaching workshops on foot and ankle control, flexibility and core control, and the teachers loved their 4 hour session learning all of the details of a thorough pre-pointe assessment.


Canberra Workshops May 2-4 2008

Hot on the heels of the Ballina Workshops I was asked to go down to Canberra to deliver some similar workshops to the students at Dance City, down in Canberra.

Sally and I had a fabulous time teaching workshops on foot and ankle control...


Dance Education Workshops In Canberra

After a phenomenally sucessful series of workshops up in the Norther Rivers District in March, I am off again, and this time down to Canberra, ACT. We will be running workshops at 'Dance City' for some of the students there over three days. I hear that Caberra is beautiful at this time of the year so should be a lovely weekend.


Ballina/Lismore Workshops March 7-9 2008

After making my way up to Lismore/Ballina and tracking down all the boxes of books that had been sent up from Sydney, we had a fantastic three days or workshops in the Northern Rivers district. The students were all a joy to work with, and all of them,..


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Just a little festive message to wish you all the best over the holidays!


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Parents Manual is going to be FREE!!!

I have had so many people asking me about The Parents Manual that is coming up. I wanted to keep it FREE so that everyone can enjoy it over the holidays. This video is just a little bit of info about the book.


Friday, December 07, 2007

The FREE Parents Manual is up!
It's up! Finally the FREE Parents guide to help your parents help you as much as they can with becoming the best dancer you can be is up and available for you to download! Simply go to the link, and follow the instructions!


Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Hi Guys!

After a year of trying to juggle all kinds of sites and pages all over the internet, I have finally managed to get all of the fantastic free information I provide together in one spot!

My brand new site is up and operating, and is packed with information so I will not be posting on this site any more.

To celebrate, and as my Christmas present to the world I have released a FREE Downloadable Parents Manual packed with information of how parents can best support their child when they are passionate about dancing.

To let you know how well it has gone down with those who have already seen it, here is what one mother I gave it to had to say about it…

"As a non-dancing mother of two young dancers I have entered the world of dance and feel completely unprepared. Thankfully the 'Parents Manual' has rescued me! So many questions in my head have been answered and I have my Manual handy to refer to over and over again. My girls love to dance and I love them...and now I feel more confident to support them in becoming wonderful healthy dancers." (K.C)

So go over to the new site now and check it all out!

Talk soon,

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Perfect Pointe System Is Live!

Yes! Its finally up! Despite some last minute issues with the video player, the well anticipated Pre-Pointe Assessment and Teacher Training Manual, together with all its supporting resources is up and available for purchase!


The Perfect Pointe System Release Date!

‘The Perfect Pointe System’ – Pre-Pointe Assessment and Teacher Training Manual is ready for release! This comprehensive system has all of the information that you need to confidently assess all students before progressing en pointe, and really is an extraordinary educational tool for dance teachers. This resource helps bridge the gap between the Science of Dance Medicine and the Art of Dance Teaching. The Manual is supported by an online forum, extensive audio calls, a ground breaking poster and an affiliate program for ‘The Perfect Pointe Book’ Keep an eye on the timer on the site for when the system is available for purchase!


On Location In Melbourne

This is a short clip taken 'On Location' in Melbourne at the post IADMS conference day....
ballet teacher newsletter perfect pointe system lisa howell dance.


A Brandnew Newsletter!

I decided that it was time to give all of our hard working teachers a special newsletter all of their own, to help answer some of the great questions I get through email.


What is the best age to start en pointe?

So many people ask me this question that I thought it was more than time I did a video explaining when the best time is.

Tips On How To Prevent Blisters

I have had so many people asking about how to prevent blisters so I thought I would make a video to show you three of the major causes and how to prevent blisters from occurring.

How To Tell When Your Pointe Shoes Are Dead

I have so many girls asking me how to know when their pointe shoes are 'dead' so I have created this video to help you know when your your pointe shoes are past their used by date!

Padding For Pointe Shoes
Lots of girls have been asking me how much padding they should use, and what to use, so I made a little video to show you what I recommend! Usually your teacher will have lots of tricks to help you out so ask her her what she recommends.

How To Tie The Ribbons On Your Pointe Shoes

I have had lots of people asking me how to correctly tie the ribbons on their pointe shoes, so I have created this video to show you one of the many ways the ribbons can be tied. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

How To Fit Pointe Shoes
Ever wondered why some girls look like their shoes were made for them? It is all in knowing what to look for whern you fit your shoes. Follow this video to get a great pair next time!

How To Sew
The Ribbons Onto Your Pointe Shoes

One of the most common questions I get asked is: "How do I sew the ribbons onto my pointe shoes?". This video is a quick guide to get your ribbons in the perfect spot every time!

Breaking In Pointe Shoes

I frequently see badly broken in shoes so I thought I would create this video to show you the way I like to break in pointe shoes. I have found this method to be extremely successful and you will find it also prolongs the life of the shoe!